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500 The most used words in English.
the, number, play story, list, power, pattern, age, their, before, up, through 
of, who, small saw, though, town, slow, dry, time, turn, use, just
to, over, end far, feel, fine, center, wonder, if, cause, word, form
and, know, put sea, talk, certain, love, laugh, will, same, how, much
a, water, home draw, bird, fly, person, thousand, way, mean, said great
in, than, read left, soon, unit, money, ago, about, differ, an, think
is, call, hand late, body, lead, serve, ran, many, move, each, say
it, first, port run, dog, cry, appear, check, then, right, she, help
you, people, large don't, family, dark, road, game, them, boy, which, low
that, may, spell, while, direct, machine, map, shape, would, old, do, line
he, down, add, press, pose, note, science, yes, write, too, father, care
was, side, even, close, leave, wait, rule, hot, grow, idea, head, second
for, been, land, night, song, plan, govern, miss, study, fish, stand, group
on, now, here, real, measure, figure, pull, brought, still, mountain, own, carry
are, find, must, life, state, star, cold, heat, learn, north, page, took
with, any, big, few, product, box, notice, snow, plant, once, should, rain
as, new, high, stop, black, noun, voice, bed, cover, base, country, eat
I, work, such, open, short, field, fall, bring, food, hear, found, room
his, part, follow, seem, numeral, rest, two, sit, sun, horse, answer, friend
they, take, act, together, class, correct, has, perhaps, four, cut, school, began
be, get, why, next, wind, able, look, fill, thought, sure, best, mind
at, place, ask, white, question, pound, more, east, let, watch, hour, behind
one, made, men, children, happen, done, day, weight, hold, course, better, clear
have, live, change, begin, complete, beauty, could, language, west, stay true . tail
this, where, went, got, ship, drive, go, among, ground, wheel, during, produce
from, after, light, walk, area, stood, come, lay, interest, full, hundred, fact
or, back, kind, example, half, contain, did, against, reach, force, am, street
had, little, off, ease, rock, front, my, possible, fast, blue, remember, inch
by, only, need, paper, order, teach, sound, plane, five, object, step, lot
hot, round, house, often, fire, week, no, ready, sing, decide, early, nothing
but, man, picture, always, south, final, most, above, listen, surface, last, main
some, year, try, music, problem, gave, since, ever, six, deep, door, enough
what, came, us, those, piece, green, hard, red, table, moon, between, plain
there, show, again, both, told, oh, start, might, vowel, boat, city, girl
we, every, animal, mark, knew, quick, these, sentence, toward, common, tree, usual
can, good, point, book, pass, develop, her, set, war, gold, cross, young
out, me, mother, letter, farm, sleep, long, three, like, does, morning, yet
other, give, world, until, top, warm, make, want, so, tell, ten, busy
were, our, near, mile, whole, free, thing, air, keep, color, simple, test
all, under, build, river, king, minute, see, well, eye, face, several, record
your, name, self, car, size, strong, him, also, travel, island,
when, very, earth, feet, heard, special, never, wood, less, foot.

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